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Pimpmann22's Custom Potato Guns
AS-Z01 (AK-47)
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My first ever BBMG.  Although as of right now (12/23/05) it is not complete since Im have decided what type of method I want to use to shoot the BB's.  I also like the look of the all to famous AK-47 so I decided to imitate this weapon.

Here are a few pictures from my post in both Spudtech.  Topic can be found HERE.

As of right now I have about everything I need (listed below).  Items in GREEN I have, items in RED I obviously dont have.
1x  3'x3"x1/8" Flat Stock
1x  4'x1 1/2"x1/8" Flat Stock
2x  4'x1/2"x1/8" Angle Iron
1x  4'x1/2" Round Tubing
1x  Blowgun
1x  Oak (for stock, trigger handle, and front grip)
1x  Male air fitting
1x  Female air fitting
2x  1/8" compression fittings
1x  Big ass thing of plexi-glass (for enclosing the firing mechanism)
1x  Plexi-glass glue (acrylic)
1x  Barrel (Brakeline, steel tubing, old BB gun barrel, etc)
So if you have any of the items in the RED and would like to sell or trade with me please contact me at one of the following.
MSNM: pimpmann22
AIM: tonymann22

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