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Pimpmann22's Custom Potato Guns
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This page contains all of P22CPG's products.


P22CPG Product Q&A



SDR21 Pipe: This pipe is use for golfball barrels on potato guns.  You also have the option to sleave the SDR21 inside Sch 80 2" pipe to prevent from sunrot and bending from the heat created by the gun. 
$1.50 a foot another $1.50 a foot to have SDR sleaved with 2" sch 80


Modded Sprinkler Vavle: used on pneumatic guns.  Better performance than regular sprinkler vavle and ball vavle. 
if you you want the blowgun w/ a hose it will cost $45


Fittings: Fittings in PVC, CPVC, Galvanized, Black Iron, and Brass

Click here to learn more about ordering fittings.

Email me at for a quote


Custom Potato Gun Plans: is there a gun you want to make but your not sure what you need and how to put it together?  Just tell me which gun you like and I should be able to make plans for you.  I also make plans from scratch so tell me what you want your gun to be like and I will send you plans.
Email for details and prices


Custom Gun: I can make any pneumatic or combustion gun taylor made to your needs and wants.  I can either send to you in parts (cheaper shipping)or partially assemabled with the chamber glued and the barrel at its side. .  Again Email the details and main features of the gun you want and I will send you a 3D model and then you can tell me if you like or if you would like something changed.

Email for details and prices


Other: is there something that you want to buy and is spudgun related that I dont have listed above?  Email me and I will tell you if I can get it and a ruff quote.

Email what it is you want in reply I will tell you if I can get it and how much it will cost


Shipping: Shipping is most commonly done by DHL. Although I still look at other companies to get you a better rate if possible. Barrels and guns are almost defintly going to be DHL, but if your ordering parts and such it may be cheaper to ship USPS.

Include your ZIP code in inquiry email to get a accurate price on shipping.

All business inquiries should now be sent to (My old email is, although I would like to transfer all business related emails to my Gmail account)

*= price does not include shipping.

P22CPG * Hurricane, UT * US * 84737