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Pimpmann22's Custom Potato Guns
P22CPG Product Q&A
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P22CPG Product Q&A

Common questions regarding P22CPG products:

Q01)How do I pay?
A01)Paypal is preferred for its ease, although checks, money orders, and straight cash in the mail are accepted.

Q02)What should I include in my email inquiry on product(s)?
A02)For a estimate I will need to know the products you are thinking about buying and any special requirements that are not standard. (EX: Hose or directly attached modded sprinklers, sleeved or un-sleeved SDR-21, etc)

Q03)May I receive special rates on multiple products?
A03)Yes, I give special rates where I feel necessary.

Q04)Should I send my email to or
A04)All business inquiries pertaining to this site should be sent to my Gmail account. Even questions should be sent to this address. Only personal emails should be sent to the first address since im trying to move all business to a separate account.

Q05)Do you still sale SDR-21?
A05)Why yes, I seem to get a lot of emails regarding this… This is my main sale item so I would never cut it and now I have a source in which I can order from. This would be as if a gas station decided to stop selling gas.

Q06)How long of GB barrel can I buy?
A06)Technically six feet, although out of experience I have noticed a sharp increase between six and five feet, almost 100% increase. So five foot at most are suggested. I can also send multiple barrels side-by-side.

Q07)I need a barrel over six feet, what do I do?
A07)Well what I have done for a few customers is modded a union and charged them ~$5 for this part and included this in the package. Once received the union can be glued on one end of both barrels and become longer then normal six foot shipping restraint. Long sections of pipe tend to put a fair amount of stress on the unions, so no guarantees.

Q08)My product doesn’t at all/ very well work, can I get a refund?
A08)While ive never had a product not work, this is in the case if such a thing happened. First try to contact me, and I will do all my power in this text-based environment to help you. If it comes to such a problem I will refund you for the price of the product, or replace it with yet another product.

Q09)What is sleeving, and what will it do for my barrel?
A09)Good question, which I have done a bad job at answering prior this Q&A. First it should be understood how it is done. First the OD (Outer Diameter) of 1.5” SDR-21 (This is the GB barrel) is 1.9” and the ID (Inside Diameter) is 1.7” making the wall only .1” thick. This makes it vulnerable to warping, breaking, and chipping caused and not limited to; combustion heat, natural elements, dropping, and “crush“ loads. It just so happens that 2” sch 80 pipes ID is 1.913” so this accepts the OD of the GB barrel nicely. Sleeving this 2” sch 80 around the SDR-21 will increase the wall thickness from .1” to .332”.

Q10)I want to order a custom gun, what should I send you?
A10)It is a rather long list, but it is only to ensure I make what you want. First you need to decide the type of launcher. EX: combustion or pneumatic. Secondly you need to decide the specs of your launcher. EX: Barrel length and pipe size, same goes for chamber. For combustion the type of fuel will need to be specified as well as the ignition device. For pneumatics you need to specify the valve you would like. Thirdly anything else that you may require or desire. Confused by the above mubo-jumbo? Just tell me if you want a *Boom* Combustion or air cannon (Pneumatic). Then tell me what you would like to do with the cannon. With this I will throw together a parts list and give you the specs to see if you approve, adjustments can be made at ease to your exact desire. Also Ive had several cannons made for testing purposes, in which case tell me the capabilities and restrictions. With this knowledge I can more then likely work something out for you.

Q11)I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do?
A11)Sorry that I couldn’t ask your question on this page, feel free to shoot me a email at or where I can answer it and most likely post here for others to read.

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