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Pimpmann22's Custom Potato Guns
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Company Information
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P22CPG is one of the fastest growing potato gun product suppliers in the world.  There is as of know two employees including the  CEO Pimpmann22.  Since P22CPG has lowered product prices and increased product reliablity we have been crowned one of the top 25 Fortune 500 potato gun suppliers in the world.  We belive why this happened is because of our employees increased benefits and better health care plans.  P22CPG started in early 2005 and has grow to a nation wide company with two locations of distributing.  The first and original is in Utah the other DC is in Michigan.  Our Michigan DC was opened to lower shipping costs for our eastern US customers.  I hope that we can help and supply you with the best products on the market!

P22CPG * Hurricane, UT * US * 84737