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Illegal Immigration
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This is my paper on "Illegal Immigration" in response to the growing problem.  (there is no link to this page seeing as this has nothing to do with Potato Guns.)

Tony Gambino


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration needs to come with harsher penalty’s and punishments to deter the same people and others to not illegally immigrate to the United States. Most people believe illegal immigration to be a victimless crime, but it really isn’t, illegal immigration causes harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, especially the poor, minorities, and children. Illegal immigration causes an enormous drain on public funds, because illegal immigrants don’t pay enough money to compensate for the money that the government has given them. Illegal immigrants willing to work at worse wages and working conditions depresses the wages of American workers, hitting hardest the minority workers, people without high school degrees, and young people that are just starting out to get jobs.

The crime rate among illegal immigrants is dangerously high, the reason being that they obviously didn’t have respect for are laws when they came here so why would they obey our laws once they were in our country. In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide are for illegal immigrants, and up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants are for illegal immigrants. Since there was 511 people killed last year if you managed to decrease the illegal immigrant population in half you would obviously decrease the murder rate tremendously. These levels are out of control and if there isn’t something done the crime rate will keep sky-rocketing. Also sixty percent of the Eighteenth Street gang is suspected to be illegal immigrants they are also allies with the notorious Mexican Mafia; the only difference being that the Mexican Mafia is in the prisons and the Eighteenth Street gang is on the streets. I believe it to be obvious that Eighteenth Street gang to be a huge threat towards the American people once you consider there over twenty thousand strong in California alone and have twice as many members then the Bloods and Crips combined. With this amount of membership they are the source for most of the gang related murders, drug sales, theft, racketeering, and other gang related problems in the United States which results in many negative and unwanted effects such as murder. Although not all illegal immigrants are member or affiliated with gangs or other forms of crime there is no way to weed out the dangerous from the innocent the way to lower this problem is to have stricter laws against illegal immigrants.

There is large amounts of money that is going to illegal immigrants from the government via healthcare, prisons, housing, and many other things. Take prisons for instance one third of the prison population is illegal and when it costs eighty five dollars a day and thirty one thousand dollars a year it adds up. Personally I’m out raged about how big of a problem this has become plus no one even wants Mexico with the fifth richest economy in the world to pick up the tab. Don’t just think that it’s the “bad” illegal immigrants that are sucking the money, its every single one of them with a average spending of fifty-five thousand a year for a single illegal immigrant. They also only repay the United States a mere fourteen thousand dollars in taxes compared to the fifty thousand that is spent on them, which after you add up is killing the amount of taxes we have to pay. I personally feel that none of my tax money should go towards supporting some one that has came here illegally. As I have stated above the illegal immigrants are more then just victimless crime committers there crimes have victim, and guess what, you’re the victim.

Illegal immigrant workers are lowering wages and increasing the unemployment rate. I hear people saying that they are good for our economy since they have better work ethics and apply those “ethics” to jobs that Americans don’t want. In response I would like to ask them what are the “ethics” in working illegally? Also I would like to ask what jobs are those that Americans supposedly don’t want, considering that eighteen million Americans are unemployed, because they don’t want to do the jobs that are available to the illegal immigrants? Prior to ninety sixty five when there was very little immigration, and we were fine, but now we need illegal to do the jobs that we cant do? The only people that are benefiting from it is corporations that are buying there way into cheap labor. First it takes away the jobs that Americans should have had in the first place, but are made available to illegal immigrants first, because they will work for lower wages. Now from that most people think that’s good, since it lowers prices of items, since the labor on a item is lower when in fact a items price is not affected that much from labor, but people will pay for that cheaper item once tax time rolls around since illegal immigrants don’t pay for taxes. Illegal immigrants do not benefit us when it comes to jobs, the only people that it is benefiting is the employers, but not the American people.

Illegal immigration needs to come with harsher penalty’s and punishments to deter the same people and others to not illegally immigrate to the United States. Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, actually the truth is that not true as explained in the above paragraphs. Some of our tax money is going to illegal immigrants which broke the law. Illegal immigrants are causing are lowering our standard of living by taking jobs which should be given to legal immigrants and citizens.

Note: This is my rough draft (corrections not made, and "wording" problems also left unfixed), complete paper is on school computer.



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